The NBC company is not a classic consultancy firm. In addition to the applied research programs we’ve carried out for several years with various institutional partners, we conduct many local sustainable development actions, in close association with our R&D work. Below, our latest achievement, delivered on the Maroni to the Town Hall of Papaïchton (Dukaba), July 26, 2021!.

For instance, this includes the following initiatives:


1. The realization of a validation study of the reliability of various dry toilet devices in Guyana as part of a work financed by the Office of Water of Guyana. Three units were built in isolated sites of Guyana (Trois Palétuvier and Grand Santi). As a result of this construction work, a monitoring was carried out over 2 years at the technical level (humidity, pH, temperature, sensors, etc.) and social evaluation was provided by the NBC team. At the end of 2018, NBC transposed the project in the Dominican Republic where a first action (donation) was carried out for 2 families: see clip below;


2. The field realization of a rain water recovery project for all French Guyana remote municipalities: more than 2000 people to date equipped by our team with the support of many donors (French Guyana Region, Parc Amazonien de la Guyane, Office de l'Eau, Rotary, Soroptimiste, ARS). Click on this link to read the summury report.

Arold et Nicolas au moment du dédouanement des réservoirs à Saint Laurent du Maroni en juin 2011 Livraison des réservoirs et des filtres céramiques et formation sanitaire


3. The construction of a biological and solar drinking water treatment plant in Haiti that allows an orphanage of Grand Gôave to be financially autonomous in its functioning.

L'équipe au démarrage du chantier en mai 2011

Find the complete Mission Report of May 2011 and the October 2011 Progress Report by clicking on the blue links above. We thank Lyonnaise des Eaux Haiti for their logistical assistance during the last follow-up mission of March 2012. A new mission was conducted in March 2015 to set up the bottling station that aims to financially empower the structure through the sale of drinking water. Here is the complete 2015 Mission Report.

4. Since this station in Haiti, NBC has built another in May 2012 in a French Guyana remote site, on the Maroni River, in the Grand Santi municipality: Apagui. Today, this station supplies the entire village. The completely solar station produces clean water respecting French standards – the ARS validated the water quality in October 2012 based on their own sampling and analysis carried out by the Pasteur Institute -, and lowers the iron level of more than 10 000 µg/l with a completely biological process!!! This station was co-financed by the French Guyana Region, the CNES, the SGDE and NBC. It is now managed by the Apagui village association: WATAA KEIN. NBC conducted 6 follow-up missions in 2013.

5.Design and construction of a waste water plant (aerated lagoon),in the Dominican Republic operating 100% with solar energy. The 72 photovoltaics panels feed 2 aerators (5 CV), 1 recirculation sludge pump (2 CV) and 1 watering pump (1 CV) for the irrigation of vegetable crops. The waste water plant treats the effluents of the world's largest organic production of Aloe vera: Universal Aloe. Location: Guayubin in the Dominican Republic. Year of construction : 2018

6. The “Activated Carbon” project, which aims to produce in fine a high-value product from wood residues from southern countries. NBC therefore works in close partnership with the COVACHIMM laboratory of the University of the Antilles (Guadeloupe).

Résumé du programme de R&D 2012

7. Expertise for OXFAM and the NGO Terre des Hommes in Haiti to get the flow rate of a water resurgence supplying a community of 14 000 people from 1.5 to 10 l/s.

8. The NBC team (and its chemists) are mobilizing to fight against the corona virus pandemic, by producing gel and hydroalcoholic solution in the Dominican Republic (within a food industry of camembert and yogurt DELICIEL ... with sugar can alcohol from BRUGAL rum distillery). The French Guyana team continues its activities by taking all the essential health precautions.

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