Books and studies

  • A little nostalgia with this beautiful documentary made in 2002 by Emmanuel REAU and the ALABAMA Association, as part of the discovery of Lake Toponowini in French Guyana where NBC intervened for the first time!
  • Last article of the year 2022 in the famous magazine FORBES !
  • New article in a national economic journal on NBC and its 20 years. Click on this cover for the 2 pages of this article.

  • New scientific article published in a beautiful journal. It is the fruit of the hard work of Yeray Alvarez as part of his CIFRE thesis (NBC-Univ. of the Antilles) which he will defend on October 14, 2022, and of the formidable teamwork of the University of Guadeloupe. Click on the certificate below to access the article online.
  • New article published in July 2021 in France Guyane. Click on the image to read the article!
    • A new scientific poster about Biomonitoring of air quality with bee with Quindio University of Colombia. . Clic on this image to read it!


  • Scientific poster about Biomonitoring of air quality with bee. . Clic on this image to read it!
  • Poster_science_NBC

    • Crossed Interview of Business-France. Clic on this image to read it!
    Business France VIERevue of POLLUTEC 2018

    Article Pollutec Innovation 2018

    • Magazine du CNES - CNES QUI SE PASSE - Mai 2018 - Click on the image to read the article!
    • Revue of Space Center of Europe - Diciembre 2018 - Click on the image to read the article!
    • Revue of chamber of industry of French Guiana
    • Latitude 5 - Revue of Space Center of Europe - Dicember 2018
    • Latitude 5 - Revue of Space Center of Europe - July 2018
    • Publication du rapport ECOPHYTO II à l'échelle nationale.
    • Pressbook 2017 - POLLUTEC BRASIL
    • Articulo publicado en relacion con la Universidad publié en relation avec l'Université de Guadeloupe en 2017
    • The review of International business- june 2017

    • 2 articles published during the next meeting of the Caribbean Academy of Science en novembre 2016

    • Article in the 17 edition of "Une Saison en Guyane" - Agust 2016

    Publication disponible sur demande à NBC car encore sous copyright

    ....... by Paul LECOMTE, Manuel MOISSAN, Nicolas BREHM and Nausicaa HABCHI-HANRIOT commissioned by the DEAL and the ADEMEPublication BRGM NBC

    The album of the French Guyana’s aquarium fish (BREHM Nicolas), financed by the MRT, the DIREN, the French Guyana Region, the WWF, and Europe. SEPANGUY, 2003 - To search references of this book, please click here- Available on

    Nicolas BREHM
    Nicolas BREHM

      French Guyana’s fauna (MONTFORD Thierry - GERAUX Hubert - BREHM Nicolas) PLUME VERTE, 2002

    • Plume Verte

    Numerous other studies:

    Rain water recovery,

    Assessment of the implementation of the 3/4/2007 CSHPF notice for improving the organization of drinking water supply in French Guyana - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique - 2008,

    Sustainable development week



    Articles & Contributions

    • Participation in science popularization books on behalf of the ONF, DIREN, ALABAMA IBIS ROUGE “Toponowini” Association
    • 2015 NEWS: A new book will be published in 2015, with support from NBC. Contact us to obtain it, and click on the image to learn more.

    • Numerous articles in the national newspapers (Le Monde, Paris Match, La Croix, RFI, Sciences et Vies Junior, etc.) and specialized magazines (Aquarium magazine, Optim’Aqua, etc.)


    • SEE ONE OF THE LATEST BY CLICKING BELOW! Listín Diario is the equivalent of Le Monde in the Dominican Republic!

      Listin Diario Mars 2012
      TV Mag
      TV Mag
      Paris Match Paris Match

      Le Monde

    TV & Radios

    Passage au Grand Journal de Canal+ le25 mai 2011
    Guadeloupe la première

    Appearance on May 30 2011

    and on October 25 2019


    FRANCE INFO - passage dans l'émission "L'entreprise et vous" du lundi 17 décembre 2007
    Emission RFI du 31 mai 2011


    Interview RFO Guyane
    Listen to the reports by clicking on the channel’s icon!

    News - Papers

    Article Sciences et vie août 2011 sur une innovation née chez NBC !

    France Guyane

    France Guyane

    ...Video of the mission…

    Exemple de vulgarisation technique

    The photo album, between training and field missions!

    Formation CNFPT / Office de l'Eau

    La Guyane necessite des moyens logistiques a son echelle !