The NBC company is a consultancy and applied research firm headquartered in French Guyana. It is also expanding in the Caribbean market.
Our activities revolve around water, air and the environment. We have many references in French Guyana and in the Caribbean area, both in the urban field (drinking water and wastewater), industrial field (ICPE, audits, counsel) than purely environmental field (studies, diagnostics, fauna and flora inventories, etc.). NBC has the OPQIBI qualification

But our company is not a conventional consultancy firm; indeed, we promote local development actions (humanitarian operations in Haiti, solving water problems in Guyanese remote sites, etc.) and we have an active applied research unit (many invention patents filed and industrialized, academic partnerships, etc.). NBC is also a training provider and therefore has a declarant number


NBC: TRAINING PROVIDER and as such has a declarant reference number: N° 96 97 30574 97 y QUALIOPI certification with certificate number n° FRCM23006 - Validity period : 09/01/2023 - 08/01/2026


As part of the training actions carried out, NBC offers its annual report and its training commitments. Click on the following icon :

What type of training do we offer, what is the target audience, how to contact us for a quote... . Click on the following icon for the answers :


NBC is the privileged partner, in French Guyana, of the HACH company, world leader in equipment for monitoring and analyzing water. This unique partnership allows us to ensure technical audits, specific interventions (calibrations, etc.) and the sale of next generation equipment (flow meters, physico-chemical testers, etc.). Contact us. See the formalization of this partnership by clicking on this link: HACH/NBC

NBC is partner of AQUALABO company, french manufacturer of water analysis and environmental monitoring equipment. This partnership NBC/AQUALABO allows to propose complementary solutions to the HACH's products and to promote these 100% french equipments for the Carabean region. Contact us and find the catalog online by clicking on the image below.

The PALINTEST group has also partnered with NBC to disseminate their analytical products in Guyana and the Caribbean. See our partnership agreement here.

The french company ULTRAFLUX has also partnered with NBC to distribute their metrology products in the water sector, in French Guiana and in the Caribbean. See our partnership agreement by clicking here


The french company Paratronic has also partnered with NBC to disseminate their water metrological products in Guyana and the Caribbean. See our partnership agreement aqui.

These partnerships provide complementary solutions and promote these 100% European products for export, from French Guyana. . Contact-us and discover the online catalogs by clicking on the image below.

NBC opened an "Air Quality" department in 2014 and is part of the APILAB network. After significant work in validating French biomonitoring protocols, NBC has succeeded in validating and developing biomonitoring of air quality by bees in tropical environments, not only with Apis melifera , but also with melipones. Bees and Guyanese Meliponas (stingless bees) are thus put to use as sentinels of the environment. Two R&D programs are ongoing – see BUSINESS AREA

Still in the field of beekeeping applied to environmental monitoring, NBC signed a partnership contract with BEEGUARD the French leader in remote monitoring of apiaries. The systems developed by this 100% French Start-up are deployed by NBC as part of its bee biomonitoring devices . - See the brochure by clicking on thins link -. NBC now markets the entire BEEGUARD range in the Antillas, French Guyana, Latin America and the Caribbean.


NBC also distrubutes all ATMOTRACK products in French Guiana, Latin America and the Caribbean countries. Click on this link to read our agreement.


NBC also ensures the promotion of atmospheric modeling tools developed by ARIA TECHNOLOGIES on the Antillas y Guyanas, Latin America and the Caribbean See the partnership certificate by clicking on this link.

NBC is also a partner of Météo France International and actively participates in the development of French meteorological know-how internationally. An agreement between NBC and MFI was signed in 2019.

NBC will celebrate its 20th anniversary in February 2023. Today NBC is continuing more than ever with its many innovative actions in the heart of the Amazon and the Caribbean.

An example of innovation with concrete results in the field: ROWE pharmaceutical laboratory wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 150 m3/day, designed and built by our teams in the Dominican Republic. The NBC / TECMALAB association made it possible to create this station in 2017, which today works so well that 60% of the waste water is reused for toilets, watering and even fish and shrimp production!

Nicolas BREHM (Gérant - Ingénieur)