Historical background of the main stages of its development

  1. Nicolas BREHM was the head of the French Guyana branch of the International Water Centre of Nancy: NANCIE. This Technology Resource Centre supported him to start his business in French Guyana given their desire to stop their interventions in the DOM (French Overseas Departments).
  2. NBC was initially a private practice from February 2003 to February 2005.
  3. As of February 15th 2005, the practice was transformed into a LLC (SARL in French) with an initial capital of 5000 €. In March 2005, Nicolas BREHM became an employee of the SARL NBC and its director.
  4. The company’s turnover shows a 2-digit growth annually, with R&D expenditures corresponding to 40% of the turnover. NBC was recapitalized successively in September 2006, October 2009 and December 2010 and today has a share capital of 44 000 €. The firm is in a hiring and development phase (patenting activity, investments, etc.). NBC currently has 4 to 5 permanent employees and is increasingly working on local development projects, training and applied research (see the Research Directory by clicking on this LINK). Two of these projects have won awards at the National Contest of the Ministry of Research (2004 and 2008).
  5. NBC is an atypical consultancy firm, not limited to the studies field. NBC develops, innovates, files patents, applies and even industrializes its innovations. Our work is also transferred to the populations in need (remote locations in French Guyana, Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Human resources

Director and founder of the company: Nicolas BREHM, water and environment engineer and empowered by ministerial approval (Ministry of Research) since 2004 to benefit firms of the Research Tax Credit.

Research officer and doctor in ecology : Julie NEHMTOW , Doctorate in Ecology: «Phytoremediation and Ecotechnologies » : Development of a treatment system development of pig manure by phytopurification /2015/ Aix Marseille University - Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Marine and Continental Ecology.

Research officer and chemistry engineer - PhD student (CIR): Yeray ALVAREZ GALVAN - Chemistry engineer and expert in operation management.

Research officer and engineer: : Daniela CASTRO , Master 2 of École Centrale de Lyon, risk and environnement..
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas – Graduated in 2017- Environemental engineer

Research officer and engineer: Maxime TAUREAU , Master 2 in Univers Science, Ecology and Environnement, Hydrology/Hydrogeology speciality.

Research officer and engineer : Enzo COLLOMBAT - POLYTECH University (Hydrology, Risk and Environnement)

Research officer and engineer : Marilyne LEVASSEUR - Engineer of the National Polytechnic Institut of Grenobre - ENSE3 Water, Energy and Environnement & Universitate Certificate of Technology in productical and mecanical.

Research officer and engineer : Doryan FEBVREL - University of UNI LASALLE - EME of Rennes - France, with environnement industry speciality.

Graduate of Politic Science (privileged partner) : Béatrice Morel , graduate of Poltic Science School of Renne (France) and Master of urban network.

Research Entomologist (privileged partner) : Jean-Philippe CHAMPENOIS. Jean-Philippe intervenes punctually as an expert for NBC.

L'équipe NBC

A young, dynamic, inventive and highly complementary team

Read this beautiful story....


Water analysis equipment (many probes and physicochemical recorders, photometer, 2 automatic samplers – autonomous and portable, a 6-station digital jar-test, a precision scale, five pressure/temperature loggers, two flow meters recorders with Doppler effect and ultrasound, 2 height/automatic speed flow meter HACH FH950, IDEXX microbiology laboratory, UV spectrophotometer ASSISTEMO for wastewater, etc.), field equipment for achieving environmental and hydro-biological diagnostics (velocimeter and its hydraulic modeling tools, topographical telescopic sight, field analyzers, sediment container, soil permeability kit, auger, etc.), hardware for performing cartographic works, 7 PC of which 4 are laptops and their peripherals (flatbed and slides scanners, A4 and A3 color printers, etc.) for office work, 1 multi-space car and 1 Peugeot 2008 car, 1 pilot furnace of chemical and physical activation for production of activated carbons. On the other hand, we have a large documentary fund (books, studies, maps, databases) corresponding to our areas of activity (water, environment, ichthyology, Amazonian flora and fauna, etc.).

Matériel NBC

Positioning in France and worldwide

Nowadays, NBC SARL has gained recognition at the national level, through various awards and prizes that were attributed to the firm; and with its status of YOUNG INNOVATIVE COMPANY that it held until 2010. This recognition now extends internationally throughout the Amazon and the Caribbean. Look at this film of CCI of Guiana - We want to thank CCI of French Guiana, Business France and the french Embassy of Santo Domingo for their help!


; – see Listín Diario’s article of March 2012.

Visite de Mme la Ministre de l'Outre-Mer en octobre 2014 sur le stand NBC lors de la semaine française en République dominicaine.

Visit of the Minister of Overseas Territories in October 2014 on the NBC stand during the French week in the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, it has since 2004, the APPROVAL OF THE MINISTRY OF RESEARCH, enabling the companies to benefit from the Research Tax Credit.

NBC is also, since 2012, Adviser on technological education for the Ministry of National Education and official training provider.

The company bids increasingly to tenders in consortium with consultancy firms from various regions such as:

  1. BRL : as part of numerous Sanitation and Drinking water Master Plans and for international programs (World Bank)
  2. IRH : as part of the Drinking water Master Plan of St Laurent du Maroni
  3. ARTELIA (SOGREAH) : as part of the Sanitation Master Plan of Apatou and Maripasoula (the biggest municipality of France!), the new drinking water treatment plant of Cayenne, etc.
  4. ODYSSEE DEVELOPPEMENT : as part of numerous Guyanese feasibility studies
  5. AQUATRIUM : as part of the technology transfer of slow retro-filtration
  6. Etc…

NBC also works for major French and international companies such as Suez Environnement Lyonnaise des Eaux, VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Unilever, etc. NBC also operates for international NGOs such as OXFAM, Terre des Hommes, etc.

Furthermore, we have strong and materialized partnerships, in the form of applied research activities, with a number of international universities like:

Echantillonnage dans la masse d'eau au port de Dégrad des Cannes - Déc 2012

Preparation of a sampling bottle in the water column of Dégrad des Cannes harbor